Respiratory Protection System


Optimum protection for medical & laboratory applications

Protect yourself – without compromises

optrel respiratory protection systems are certified according to TH3 (EN 12941) and correspond to the highest respiratory protection class.

They are adept to filter air and remove 99.8% of harmful solid and fluid particles providing for clean and purified inhalation. Infectious viruses and bacteria – e.g. the SARS-CoV-2 virus – that are transmitted through the air, e.g. droplet infections are effectually evaded.

The requirements concerning protection measures, comfort and productivity in industrial settings often by far exceed those of the healthcare industry.


The optrel clearmaxx with respiratory protection system optrel e3000x


Extended, comprehensive protection

In comparison to the protection class’ best, the half mask (FFP3), safety of the user’s airways is increased by a factor of 10 or even by a factor of 40 (when using FFP2 masks). Additionally, both eyes are 100% protected.

Smear infections evaded

Thanks to the comprehensive face protection, viruses and bacteria can no longer be spread through smear infections.

Please note: Do not use as a surgical mask!


higher safety
compared to a
FFP3 mask


higher safety
compared to a
FFP2 mask

Individually adjustable air regulation

Using a rotary switch, up to 20% of the air in the fresh air system can be directed to the forehead area for additional cooling. Direct drafts over eyes and the associated drying- out of eyes can fittingly be avoided.

Intelligent accessories

Wearing comfort through shoulder harness

The specially developed, ergonomic carrying unit positions the e3000X optimally over the back with a comfortable 3-point adjustment system, thereby ensuring energy-saving and comfortable carrying. While the weight is distributed equally on both shoulders, your back and hips are relieved and protected correspondingly.

item no. 4551.040
optrel shoulder harness

parking buddy

Usage of the belt hook ‘parking buddy‘ is obligatory. The helmet must be carried without gap to the user‘s body. Like this, contaminations of the helmet, other persons and surfaces are prevented.

The parking buddy comes together with the “Ready to protect” package.

Our solution for your maxximum protection

item no. 4900.260
optrel clearmaxx medical ‚ready to protect‘

Scope of delivery:
clearmaxx med PAPR helmet, e3000X PAPR with plastic strap, halo head gear comfort pad, parking buddy black, Transport and storage box (Folding box)

item no. 4900.020.W
optrel clearmaxx medical PAPR helmet